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How to eliminate prejudice in the use of entheogenic medicines?

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How to eliminate prejudice in the use of entheogenic medicines?

Post by HumbleVoyager on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:31 pm

As I have been getting to know the psychedelic/entheogenic community, I have been confronted with some people who seem to belong to the Church of Ayahuasca (my terminology), which has all sorts of rules as to what substances can be deemed "truly healing" and which ones are "synthetic" and therefore not capable of producing the same healing or transformation as a plant medicine.

If we look at the history of entheogens in the West, there are countless accounts of alcoholics and other drug addicts being healed with LSD, psilocybin (synthetically produced), and ketamine.

How can we work together to create a more inclusive community that does not judge the wide range of experiences people have with their own vehicles (read: methods of attaining personal revelation and enlightenment including yoga, meditation, and the use of a wide range of psychoactive substances). We all end up at the same place spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We are all working to arrive.

And once we can foster this kind of inclusion and reduction of division, we can begin to focus on the larger issues at hand, such as working together to save this beautiful place we call Home.

Looking forward to your responses and discussion!

Love and Blessings


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Re: How to eliminate prejudice in the use of entheogenic medicines?

Post by Carlita Shaw on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:19 pm

Such important insights and you brought up some really valid points, not to disrespect members of the Aya Church community but I personally met a few of them and don't agree with certain rules and ideas they have, any specific ''religious'' indoctrination seems to foster such division and create judgements and prejudices unfortunately. We do need to create a more open space that welcomes exploration, with respect to rules regarding safety and respectful use of the plants and remind folks not to get caught up in the fragmentations of division. Though I do feel that indigenous shamans offer more authentisism than people in the west that plunge into using these labels on themselves. I am rather careful of some western plastic shamans than think a month or so training with an authentic shaman lends them to adopt the title themselves. This is another intrepid area of Plant medicine that some New Age Westerners hijack for profit rather than for true expansion of consciousness. Definately a lot of things to discuss regarding these issues. Thank you for your insights

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