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What is food sovereignty?

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What is food sovereignty?

Post by Carlita Shaw on Tue Sep 08, 2015 6:21 am

What is food sovereignty? › International groups and campaigns

Transforming our food system from Corpocracy flower

Inspired by the efforts of farmers and social movements around the world as well as action in the UK, we’re working to build a movement for a democratic, sustainable and fair food system – #foodsovereignty .

The food sovereignty movement is gaining global momentum. Its roots are with the many small-scale farmers around the world who are developing the concept in theory and in practice. Food Sovereignty UK acknowledges the great work being done around the world and seeks to be an ally and collaborator with such movements.

La Via Campesina international peasant’s voice and key food sovereignty campaigners

Nyeleni international forum for food sovereignty

Grain international research and networking to promote biodiversity and community control of food systems

Navdanya Indian campaign group in defence of small farmers and biodiversity, longstanding opponent of Monsanto and GM crops

The Food Sovereignty Alliance (India) brings onto a common platform adivasi (indigenous people), dalit, pastoralist and peasant social movements along with co-producers to build solidarity with one another

African Biodiversity Network network of individuals and organisations strengthening community voices across Africa to defend biodiversity and autonomous, sustainable communities.

Community Alliance for Global Justice Seattle group with partners in Africa

Food Democracy Now! actions and campaigns to overhaul the US food industry in favour of the environment, workers and consumers

PAN International Pesticide Action Network with regional centres in each continent working to reduce and eliminate toxic pesticide use

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