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Biophobics- The caring human in danger of extinction

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Biophobics- The caring human in danger of extinction

Post by Carlita Shaw on Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:22 am

''it is true that for every human being that doesn't give a shit about animals or nature means ten times more work for those of us that do, we carry that burden of trying to educate others, raise awareness or struggle to help fellow species, those that don't care about nature are no better than sociopaths or psychopaths who don't care about people. There is no room for humans that don't care about Earth or fellow species anymore because those of us that do care work too hard as a result, while the rest lacks ecological literacy or compassion.

I know so many people that care, that are in poor health or challenging situations because of this fact. We are burned out by the mental climate of consciousness, we fight for the things we care about and some of us die or become weak from the stress overload and strain on our health or resources and we are not paid for this work and yet it is the most valuable work on the planet that human survival depends on, we need caring humans, we are a rare breed. While the free riders of humanity (especially the Elite, corporations and anyone that only cares about money), trash the planet and exploit and abuse animals, we are dealing with a combination of biophobic sociopathic, psychopathy that is causing the sixth greatest mass extinction.'' Carlita Shaw The Silent Ecocide

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