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ADGEX Flashlight Powered By Earth’s Magnetic Field

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ADGEX Flashlight Powered By Earth’s Magnetic Field

Post by Carlita Shaw on Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:53 pm

Schumann Resonance-more proof Free Energy is a reality

The ELFE Flashlight is claimed to be powered by Schumann Resonance – here’s how the company describe the potential for harvesting the energy energy and what they call their ‘accumulator’ which is supposedly the important component collecting / ‘accumulating’ the energy.

“It is widely known that we live in a world saturated by electro-magnetic emissions. Most, however, don’t grasp the pure volume of power that our planet and its sun provide. The Earth’s magnetic field for example, emits power estimated at around 2,6992139х1024 watts. When compared to the meagre 5×1012 watts generated by all the power stations on Earth, the magnitude of the Earths power becomes apparent.

To understand this energy, we must follow the flow of the electron neutrino which pierces the Earth’s atmosphere in all directions. The initial source of atmospheric electricity originates from local currents and is counter acted by dynamic charges within clouds. The resulting lightning strikes pump energy into the earth-atmosphere cavity, and cause it to vibrate or resinate at extremely low frequencies; an effect called the Schumann resonance. These ultra-low frequency electro-magnetic oscillations come laden with reactive energy and travel around the Earth at the speed of light. The oscillations don’t fade, have fixed frequencies, and can provide an endless supply of energy to anyone who knows how to convert it.

The Adgex Accumulator has been designed by ADGEX ENERGY to convert the Earths energy. This technology has been successfully piloted in ELFE, the world’s first ‘Free-Energy’ flashlight, and it has shone light on a world of ‘Free-Energy’ possibilities. The team at ADGEX ENERGY look forward to creating more innovative products across a diverse range of applications, as we add fuel to the clean energy revolution.”

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