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Water Fuel Cell Free Energy Conference 1989

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Water Fuel Cell Free Energy Conference 1989

Post by Carlita Shaw on Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:13 pm

Video: Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell Free Energy Conference 1989

A few years before Stanley was murdered he gave a presentation on his water fuel cells and had 40 patents under his belt already for his work. This is an hour-long presentation he gave to The Safe Free Energy Conference at Einsiedeln Switzerland in 1989.

The late Stanley A. Meyer (1941-1998), the legendary inventor of the water fuel cell, is one of the most celebrated modern inventors among the free energy crowd, given martyr status after having been maliciously poisoned in a restaurant. The most common image associated with him is his dune buggy converted to run on water, as shown on television a number of times.

In this presentation, Meyer describes on a molecular, chemical and electrical level how water can be used as fuel -- not just as a gas, but for electrical generation as well as having potential nuclear-like power capabilities. He talks extensively about his electron extraction circuit as well as many other principals behind his devices and patents. He also talks pragmatically about how to introduce the technology into society and the ramifications it could have for positive change.

In his opening statement, he says: "Let's take some of the knowledge that has been presented to you and see if we can't come up with an apparatus capable of using water as a new fuel source, both for application and utilization of gas energy as well as electrical energy."

This presentation is worth careful study by all of you pursuing the water-for-fuel arena as well as the electricity-from-water arena; and it will also be worth watching for any of you who have any amount of scientific curiosity.

Here is a rare opportunity to hear it straight from the legend himself. If any of you happen to have a transcript of this presentation, or a copy of the slide presentation, or other supporting material, please let us know so we can include it here

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