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Nanotechnology can provide Free Energy

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Nanotechnology can provide Free Energy

Post by Ecosolutionary on Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:16 pm

An exciting eye opener in Nanotechnology developments are moving to free energy harnessing as the electron can be used to generate energy in nanotechnology. This means people will no longer need an electric grid system, which I explained is a monopolized system in my last book The Silent Ecocide in the chapter that takes a detailed look at Free Energy Solutions.

As Nano-technologies are developing there are some really incredible solutions available that bypass the need for an energy plant, we have come to a point in modern technology where we can use a thin plastic film as fine or finer than a human hair, that can be stuck onto the window panes of a house or office building, to use the energy beaming in through the window to convert to power up the room for heat or light, and if it is not required it can then be sent to someone else who needs it more.

In ecological terms this reminds me of the oldest grandmother trees in a forest community shuffling nutrients and water back and forth between and to the younger trees that need it the most, in other words nano-technologies are becoming ecologically sustainable in terms of producing energy, which makes every individual able to become self-empowered with their own energy needs.


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