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The Free Energy Shift Has Arrived

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The Free Energy Shift Has Arrived Empty The Free Energy Shift Has Arrived

Post by Carlita Shaw on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:42 pm

Many people that have been following developments in the Free Energy movement will know that there are a plethora of Free Energy devices that work, the list of ways to create over-unity (Free Energy) is booming as we experience a renaissance in technological developments from creating alternative energy devices in nano- technology, magnetism, leverage, water fuel cells or plasma science.

The problem is not how to create electrical energy, energy exists in the Aether all around us, the problem is how to make these devices available on the public market, so much violent resistance is usually met by inventors from oil barons and energy monopoly companies. Alternative energy devices are met with a steel wall of resistance by governments and corporations. It has taken people risking their lives to break the cycle of vehement repression of stopping alternative energy devices becoming available to humanity and 180 years of endured repression. This repression has been via control of patents or via means of the Energy Cabal buying alternative energy devices and blueprints from inventors or by murdering inventors, such as was the demise of Eugene Mallove and Stanley Meyers.

However, through a combination of a modern technological renaissance, human consciousness shifting and the alternative media becoming more popular than mainstream media, we are presently witnessing continual breakthroughs with alternative energy devices being made more freely available to the general public. For these reasons, alternative energy systems are breaking the fierce barrier of controlled repression. Next year, the Water Fuel Cell car will be made available to the public by Honda, and there are pilot studies of solar powered roads being tested and solar cars that are powerful enough to travel over 3000 kms on solar energy that will be available on the public market in the near future.

History was quietly made last week at a conference in Italy that most of the world are unaware of, a huge step in energy solutions, as an interesting plasma energy device is breaking through the barriers of resistance across the globe thanks to the work of Mehran Keshe, who founded the Keshe Foundation.

On the 16th of October, 2015, the third International meeting was held in Rome and hosted by Mehran Keshe for the 3rd World Ambassador Meeting for World Peace. The goal is to provide Free Energy in exchange for World Peace. Keshe released over one thousand new plasma technology devices referred to as the ''Blue Box'' along with accompanying blue prints, so that other scientists can duplicate the device to generate over-unity via plasma science in the hope that it will end poverty and all wars and bring peace to nations.

A number of ''Blue Box'' plasma energy devices were distributed to world leaders, including president Obama, so the device can be tested in the White house. Other people who received the ''Blue Box'' were the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, the president of The Republic of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, one was sent to the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. One device was sent to the president of Ghana John Dramani Mahama, one was sent to President Putin in Moscow and one was sent to the President of China, Xi Jinping, the only commitment Keshe asked from these world leaders was to sign and make a commitment to the World Peace Treaty. The ''Blue Box'' plasma units were delivered to Ambassadors and random citizens in different locations across the globe, all who will also be able to test and use Keshe's plasma technology. This approach bypasses government repression and shows the world that this technology actually works. Keshe said this will be followed by releasing larger plasma energy units around the world.

Keshe says that the ''Blue Box'' Plasma devices are available at a cost of $200, so every household could generate their own power and be free of the grid electricity monopoly. Keshe states that funding the larger generators will be available from many sources for those that cannot afford a unit. The Keshe Foundation claims that all profits will be channeled solely into manufacturers producing new units, the Keshe Foundation will not collect any profits.

Should Keshe be pulling a fast one on the world, he would be rather stupid to hand out all of these devices, only to have a thousand people including diplomats and presidents, plus random citizens that have purchased his ''Blue Box'' from the Keshe Foundation website come back with feedback that his devices are fake! With his entire public image and career at stake, no one would take him seriously again. As some who see themselves as critiques of Free Energy Inventors have broadcast their doubts about him, yet they have not really thought through the repercussions either way. After all, he is a high profile nuclear scientist. If the Blue Box was fake then everyone that attended the conference was in on the conspiracy including the random folks buying his devices that did not attend. In the meantime. We will all know very soon if he is as stupid as some think he is, either way he is taking a gamble with sacrificing his life and his reputation whatever the outcome.

By Carlita Shaw
Ecologist and Author

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