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Ambassadors for the Earth by Carlita Shaw

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Ambassadors for the Earth by Carlita Shaw

Post by Carlita Shaw on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:48 pm

''This control system wants us to feel diminished and helpless, yet it cannot control a human being who realizes that s/he is no longer a victim in the new reality of awakening.

This is a time that requires practical action from people because governments and corporations are not going to change their behaviour.

So we have to become the Ambassadors for the Earth and each take responsibility and transform our lives to become more self reliant & build communities. We must put our intent where there are solutions, and take our focus away from the darkness. The light needs to gather momentum now, so that we can make the change quickly in order to build bridges to a new paradigm.

A birth of solutions will begin, with the calling of bridge builders, map makers & seed planters, venturing into new territory with unity, courage and determination''. - Carlita Shaw,

Ecologist, Solutionary, Writer, Teacher

Evolve to Ecology

The Silent Ecocide-The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness

The Silent Ecocide
Carlita Shaw
Carlita Shaw

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