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Energies, Illness, Healing -Love will Expand, Polarities will Dissolve

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Energies, Illness, Healing -Love will Expand, Polarities will Dissolve

Post by Carlita Shaw on Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:02 am

Love will Expand, Polarities will Dissolve

A summary of insights I want to share from my recent recovery after some serious health problems. The Spiritual, mental and physical implications of external energies that can cause illness such as cancer and other illnesses.The struggles people go through when trying to heal themselves alternatively and what to consider if alternative options are not working, distant healing is always a great support system where ever you are in your stages of illness or recovery. The power of Love over darker forces and how human consciousness and Earth energies are changing to allow for more Unity, Harmony and Love. Make time for peace, love and nature in every part of your work as you walk the path as a warrior, activist, land defender, scientist, peace keeper, teacher, artist, or pioneer, through this war on human consciousness.
Carlita Shaw
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