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Solar Energy Conference in Las Vegas 2014

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Solar Energy Conference in Las Vegas 2014

Post by Ecosolutionary on Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:13 pm

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A "quick" tour through the Solar Power International Show (SPI 14) held in Las Vegas.

Vendors / Booths covered in this video:
* Almaden Solar - Solar Powered Carport, Solar Powered Roof Systems, Shading Solar Powered Wintergarden, AgriPV, Solar Kits
* Giga Solar -
Giga Solar’s non-glass and frameless design allows for significant weight savings while still maintaining strength and durability.
* Enphase microinverter -
Enphase Frame Mount - The Enphase Frame Mount bolts a microinverter to a module frame, making Enphase compatible with railless and ballasted systems.
* Trina Solar -
Trinasmart module - incorporate innovative power electronics from Tigo Energy to achieve module-level diagnostics, maximum energy harvest through module level DC power optimization.
* SolarWorld -
* JA Solar -
JA Solar P-Type Mono-Si Solar Cells Surpass 20% Conversion Efficiency
* 3M -
Light Redirecting Film
* MeasureLogic -
Enabling Energy Efficiency
Measurlogic is the Smart Energy Management preferred platform to: Streamline productivity, Manage building performance, Administer reporting and Maximize profits.
* SeaWard -
Solar PV Commissioning and Installation Testing Tools
* HT Instruments / HT ITALIA -
New THT45 Thermal Imager / thermal imaging camera 50 Hz
HT70 Phase Checker / Sequence Detector / Phase rotation indicator.
HT was born in 1983. During its first years the company has been mainly focusing on selecting and marketing test equipment, clamp-on meters and DMMs.
* Rotorconcept -
Helicopters and quad-copters
* Sunbandit -
Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Energy Systems - Sun Bandit® is a revolutionary new way in which solar is used to heat water.
* Nissei -
Solar PV Panel Mounting Bracket Type On Asphalt Shingles Roof
* 1SolTech -
Manufacturer of solar modules that combine aesthetic and performance.
* Smart Tech -
Apollon Solar Pad and outdoor USB solar charger for cell phones, tablets and other mobile electronics.
* Outback Power -
* LG -
Mono X™ solar module
Mono X Ace - AC Solar panel - PV with intergarated AC microinverter - Simple installation process saves time for installation. No micro inverter mounting, No DC wiring, No AC trunk cable installation.
Neon Solar Panel
* 2Power - Hybrid solar power and solar water heating module
* Sonnen Batterie -
The Sonnenbatterie (Solarbattery) is a complete lithium storage system.
* Solarus / True South Renewables / MaxGen
* Gleason Partners LLC -
* Prism Solar
Carports and Canopies: Frameless, Laminated Glass, Bifacial, Architecturally Stunning
* Mitsubishi Electric Solar-
* StorMor Battery
StorMor PowerGrid™ system
* QBotix -
Solar Robotics, the Robotic Tracking System (RTS)
* Jinko Solar -
Integrated SolarEdge Optimizer
* SunPreme -
Maxima GxB-340W and GxB-280W bi-facial modules
* Quick Mount PV -
Advancing the Future of Rooftop Solar
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